There is a great fear in Gokwe that for the first time families will have to celebrate their Chrismas and New Year Holidays without Broiler Meat.

This will be a blow not only to the families but hotels, lodges, restaurants, food outlets, canteens and the bucheries. This was reflected in a random chat will poultry farmers in Gokwe Centre by My Gokwe Media.

Large and Small

The large and Small is the only current reliable broiler supplier in Gokwe So far. However, it is beyond the reach of the general populace, the majority of which are the poultry farmers.

I am a teacher in the rural at Nkayi. I earn the maximum of 30 USD per month. I supplement my income with poultry farming. But when I inquired from Large and Small I found myself out of business. The sales man (name withheld) told me 50 chicks needs a once off USD162 for chicks, feeds and stress pack,” said Phiri.

For the fact that for those who afford, it takes a week for delivery to be made it means they are very fast. Every Friday they are reportedly, able to make sure that their customers receive their supplies. However, the once off pay is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

So farmers who spoke against the Large and Small are expecting a better intervention by the supplier that will see them paying in instalments.


Is another confidence of the poultry farmers in Gokwe. They have a WhatApp group for the farmers to increase their marketing interface, education and growing customer base. Their feeds are viewed as the most cheap and affordable since they accept all methods of payment.

However problem comes with their supply system. It is really jammed and disappointing.

So far they are compiling the list. Chicks are coming but there is no specific date. They issue these chicks following the list or queue. The batch that came previously last week was directed to those who booked at the beginning of September. I don’t know how many were issued, I don’t know my number in the waiting list, and I’m not sure the festive season have just passed” said a farmer who refused to be named in fear of victimization.

However, the farmer is confident on Feedmix arguing that she cannot afford other suppliers demands and she cannot trust some of them. She is, However, ready to engage any farmer who is ready to supply chicks with a view to catch up with the festive season.

Manzue Chicks t/a Higrows

This supplier is also one of the reliable in the market. Farmers who booked and received their chicks.

However, the majority of the farmers who talked to us were bitter and showed their dissatisfaction.

I was supposed to get my chicks on Wednesday on the 23rd of October. However, when the supplies arrived I was there. Only men were able to shove their way and get access. Even some who had cash in hands got chicks. We came out empty handed, despite the fact that we were holding receipts. They value money and not customers. There is nothing for the weaker, but the strong who are able to wrestle their way in,” said a bitter farmer.

Though she refused to be identified in fear of victimisation, she viewed that, on the 27 (today) she will come and smuggle her way in.

“They are not responding to our questions. They are fully booked for 27 October (today) and 03 and 09 November. So what is the fate for us who did not get our shares. I don’t have option but to come and force myself in. If it is my turn I know God will not let me down” said another farmer who also missed his turn previously

Farm Shop, Farm and City and Gain

One of the salesman close to this media though not based said they are still negotiating with the supplier and they are not sure as to when they will start bookings. So far Gokwe Farmers have nothing to expect from Farm Shop it’s all darkness.

However, all of them are selling the feeds and the good part of it is that they accept all the currencies. They also offer good and competitive selling prizes that gives confidence and profit to their customers. The sad part of it is that they don’t sell chicks and this kills all the confidence.


There is a big crisis in Gokwe, the current suppliers or any other reliable new player must come in as a game changer and turn the whole drama into celebrations. It’s fortunate that most farmers are slowly getting used to the Roadrunner brands and divesting, thanks this will help easy the situation. In reality, for the first time it will be an exmas without chicken.

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