By Gamuchirai Bhachi

Gokwe Sungura Singer, Edison ‘Mwanagokwe’ Kana, released a five-track album where he focuses on social ills which includes early child marriages.

The singer released the ‘Dzidziso’ album which includes songs like Mukadzi Wemunhu, Yambiro, Mude Akadaro, Kuchema Kwangu, and Baba Nemabasa.

He said that the “Kuchema Kwangu” song is a dedication to his late parents.

The singer added that due to his passion for Sungura genre, his songs are now played on ZBC National FM.

In an interview, the ‘museve’ singer said that he used to be the doorman for Somandla Ndebele and later became the backing vocalist for Nicholas Zachariah.

During lockdown, he created his own band called the Earthquake Attack.

He said that he is grateful for what the Sungura legends have done to him.

“Dzidziso album teaches us as a nation about different issues which include women abuse, early marriages, and the effects of having many partners.

“Sungura gurus teach me to sing music that addresses social issues and the music that will forever be listened to in the next era.

“I encouraged all the upcoming artists to keep going because the music journey is hard and it needs one to work hard,” said Mwanagokwe.

The singer also highlighted the problems they are facing as rising artists because they are forced to pay some money before performing at an event despite having small names.

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