FAR from the exciting football action on the field of play on a cool Sunday afternoon at Sakubva Stadium, vulgar songs that were being spewed by CAPS United supporters were a bad advert for a game that is crying for more attention from fans of all age groups.

The football season is upon us — worse off for Mutare with three teams using Sakubva Stadium as their home ground – and like a lot of things these days, it is something we will have to enjoy in our imaginations.

And in our imaginations, we always get to choose the soundtrack.

It is normal.

But for Caps United fans last Sunday, the imagination must have been stretched too far!

Conveniently seated on the bay next to the not-so-important VIP shade, from the onset to the end of the scintillating encounter, the Green Machine supporters chanted songs whose lyrics cannot be printed in this family newspaper.

Armed with their vuvuzelas and drums, it was not possible to ignore the rapturous Caps United fans who had the audacity to heighten the tempo in churning out discourteous songs especially when their team went 1-2 down.

But, ideally football matches are supposed to be perfect for a family outing and the vulgar songs spewed by Caps United fans last Sunday are one of the reasons why friends of the game of football from decent backgrounds will never bring their young and loved ones to stadia.

Mutare civic organisation leader, socialite and influencer, Itai ‘Mabhobho’ Kariparire took to the social media platform, Facebook to register his displeasure.

“I went to Sakubva Stadium where I witnessed Tenax C.S FC playing against Caps United and it ended 2 -1 in favour of Tenax CS FC.
It was a very exciting and interesting match and most people enjoyed it. However, I was not happy with what I witnessed from the supporters. This has been going on for a long time.

“Why do supporters sing vulgar songs? Today (Sunday), I witnessed many women who had their children feeling uneasy when vulgar songs were being sang, with the singers enjoying it.

“Are families not allowed to go and watch soccer under a conducive environment? Can’t team supporters form decent songs which can be sung and danced without creating uneasy environment for others? Someone may say, why can’t those people who don’t want to hear vulgar songs find somewhere to sit since the stadium is big?

“So those who want to sit in the small VIP enclosure where there is a shade must not do so because there are people who want to sing vulgar? I saw ZIFA officials present in the VIP and they witnessed this issue, and not only once, but in so many matches before.

“If a team is made to pay fines if its supporters misbehave, why can’t the same be done if the supporters sing vulgar? Masimba Chihowa, Kenny Marange and Phibeon Ngorima can something be done? If the regulations are there already, why are they not being applied?

“Women, girls and children have the right to enjoy soccer and their rights must be protected. We can’t have people who are stone drunk, high on illicit brew, marijuana and gukamakafela singing vulgar songs like that. Zimbabwe Republic Police may also respond and tell us whether our laws condone this. No to vulgar songs,” wrote an irate Kariparire.

Staunch Dynamos and Liverpool fan, Munyaradzi Zinomwe, who was also in the company of his children during last Sunday’s match concurred, saying this must come to an end.

“I am also a football fan. I have sung and danced for my teams each time they win, but I have never enjoyed songs laced with vulgar words at all.

It sets a wrong example to our little ones. This must surely come to an end,” he said.

Munyaradzi Mapungwana said: “I think something must be done about this. If possible those police officers we see in the stadium during football matches must be empowered to stop fans from singing vulgar words. It is not good at all.”

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