This was a question paused by a bogus account on Twitter by Nicole Hondo @nicolehondo following a bold full front page inscription by the Herald: Civil Servants Get More Money.

The above heading is quit divorced from the reality on the ground. The reality is that the teachers are earning a total of $3,500 which is almost 35 USDs equivalent. They are compelled to divide this and budget for rent which is in USD, fees for their children, food for them and their families and some basic needs. Worse more there are lady teachers who want their hair done and sanitary wear in addition to the transport charges. The current poverty datum line is at $17 000. Hence, the question becomes malicious and rhetoric.

Most teachers who teach in Gokwe are from Masvingo, Manicaland and Mashonaland. How much do they need for transport? It’s really an insult by this Twitter nun to pause such a question basing on the 40% percent of USD 35.

 There is no reason to manipulate the genuine struggle for social justice and play it with politics, the most adulterated regime change mantra. Such people must be warned to stop playing politics with innocent people’s lives. In one way or the other, they are indirectly de-campaigning the government they claim to be defending. How can someone who claims to be the government mouth peace belittle the plight of teachers.

This is contrary to the kind language used by the Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Senator Monica Mutsvangwa who begged the civil servants to be patient and enjoy the 40 per cent increment as government continues talks with their representatives. She expressed government determination to cushion its workers as gestured by this increment and the USD75 COVID-19 Allowance.

However, she was concerned about the measures put by the finance department aimed at curbing inflation. So the negotiations are not going to threaten the stability that have been achieved.

Government has had a long history of negotiating with its workers in good faith and increases negotiated should not work against the stability that has been achieved on the financial markets and price stability as this will fuel inflation again and erode the gains we have achieved,” said the minister.

Thus, it boggles the mind to determine on whether the government is going to give anything tangible to the workers.

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