Arteta’s lads claimed another trophy, defeating the English Champions on a Community Shield match played in Wembley at 1530 hours today.

The gunners took lead in the 12th minute through their Captain fantastic Pierre Emerick Aubameyang who could not waste the only chance he had got.

Liverpool could not fond equalizer until the Substitute Minamino Takumi converted a controversial strike in the 73rd minute.

Non could break the deadlock until the the 90th minute taking the match to the penalty shootout.

it was Liverpool’s Brewster who missed a third penalty when it was already 2-2.

The Gunners made 100% shootout with Captain Aubameyang concluding the shootout.

The win gave Arteta another trophy, having concluded last season with another trophy Emorates FA Cup, where the captain was a hero, scoring twice for the gunners who defeated Chelsea 2-1.

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