Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has lightened up Zimbabweans to be aware of suspected human trafficking scams who are masquerading as job recruitment agents amid this time of high unemployment rate and dire economic situation.

These agents are offering lucrative contracts to the desperate Zimbabweans for jobs which are non-existent in overseas countries such as Canada, China among others.

According to a Wednesday statement, Constance Chemwai, the Spokesperson in the Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade said one Marriott Hotels and Resorts was involved in a massive recruitment scam duping health personnel.

Chemwai claimed that there was due diligence and verification which was conducted by the ministry where it then emerged that the American hospitality giant was not involved in the exercise.

Chemwai said “The ministry further advises that some individuals suspected to be human traffickers are disguising themselves as owners of Marriott Hotels and Resorts and unbeknown to the victims, are floating job advertisements under the name of Marriott Hotels.

They are using the email address [email protected]. Individuals whose names have been allegedly cited as having been part of this job advertisement scam under the banner of Marriott Hotels include William Smith, George Harkings, and Rooney Cardwell,” added Chemwai.

Chemwai cautioned the public and highlighted that the trio, who disguised themselves as owners of the world’s largest hotel chain Marriot International are demanding USD 400.00 from visa processing.

The ministry is, therefore, urging members of the public to be alert to human trafficking activities disguised as job recruitments. Members of the public are encouraged to check with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and our embassies abroad to verify the authenticity of any such suspicious job offers.

Such scams are trapping desperate Zimbabweans who are seeking greener pastures as the local economic situation is dire.

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