HIGH Court Judge Justice Pisirayi Kwenda has awarded the burial rights for the late socialite Michelle “Moana” Amuli to her biological father, Ishmael Amuli.

The late video vixen’s mother and father were tussling for the rights to bury her remains, in what essentially became a clash of Moslem and Christian beliefs.

Ishmael Amuli wanted his daughter buried as per the Islam way at Warren Hills cemetery while the mother, Yolanda Kuvaoga, had approached the court on an urgent basis wanting Moana’s remains buried at Zororo Cemetery along Seke Road near Chitungwiza.

However, the High Court which yesterday withheld the ruling citing the “complex” nature of the case, has awarded the burial rights to the biological father who raised the late socialite.

However, Amuli has to consult with the mother, Yolanda Kuvawonga, Justice Kwenda ruled.

The burial rights are awarded to the father of the deceased to lead the burial ceremonies of the deceased and in consultation with the mother of the deceased and the maternal family,” reads the ruling in part.

The court further ruled that Michelle’s remains will be handed over to the father and that the police must enforce the peace.

Moana, who was reportedly now estranged from her father over his conservative Moslem beliefs, died on 8th November morning after a night of partying at Ginimbi’s Dreams night club in uptown Harare. They were coming from her 26th birthday bash.

Genius “Ginimbi” lost control of his beastly Rolls-Royce after hitting a pocket-sized Honda Fit, then crashed against a tree at full speed. The supercar exploded and Moana and two other friends were burnt beyond recognition.

This is a developing story, more details to follow…

Credit: Zimbabwe Voice

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