New Zanu PF recruit, who is a former MDC senior politician and ex-legislator, Blessing Chebundo has demanded that newly recruited ruling party members should have equal access to mines.

He made the demands while speaking at a recent Zanu PF meeting held at Zanu PF Kwekwe district offices.

Chebundo told his new party colleagues that more people coming to join Zanu PF from the opposition MDC, wanted protection and have be allocated mines and farms just like individuals in the governing party.

Kwekwe is a gold rich mining area. President Emmerson Mnangagwa also has a thriving farming venture in the town.

During the days when we were in the opposition when we wanted to mine or farm we would not be given access as we were told we belonged to the opposition,” he said.

We wouldn’t even get food donations. But since the First Lady (Auxillia Mnangagwa) came to Kwekwe, I have witnessed a noticeable change as the donations were given to everyone.”

However, Chebundo said MDC defectors joining Zanu PF wanted to be shown love and be given equal opportunities like new found party members.

A party grows based on the people who would have joined. You grow the party with people who have good ideas, by putting in place good strategies. For us to grow the party, there is need for love and unity.

The people who have joined the party from the opposition are now part of the ruling party and they also need opportunities which the people in Zanu PF are already enjoying.

The people who have joined the party must not be treated like outcasts since they are now part of Zanu PF. They also want to be given mining and farming opportunities just like the people who are already in the party,” he added.

He told party members not to fear him as he did not join Zanu PF to get a party or government position.

Factionalism destroyed the MDC. We were elbowed out by some individuals who said we are now old. We saw the party hierarchy being populated by people who had recently joined the party. I didn’t join Zanu PF for any position. I didn’t join Zanu PF to be an MP, I joined Zanu PF so that I would add my efforts to national development.”

Credit: New Zimbabwe

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