Since the beginning of this year and the landing of COVID-19, on the plateau area bound by Zambezi valley (north) and Limpopo valley (South), dread and terror became a characteristic feature of life.

If there is anything good the people of this land were known for was peace, humanity, humanness, love, care, compassion, sympathy and empathy and the shared spirit of togetherness and communism.

What have become of our people? To turn our land into an ecological nitch of terror and dread.

It all started with the COVID-19 induced lockdown effects – without which our land could be safe for everyone.

Just like the 2005 Zimbabwean Tsunami (Operation Marambatsvina) all sources of livelihood have been shut. Worse more, this time even the formal operations were doomed.

What then happened to our fellow youth who lived on hand-to-mouth? I mean the touts (Mahwindi), vendors, hawkers, street kids, hustlers and the working class!!!!!!

It really boggles the mind to counter tragic and horrible stories on social media. We used to read about these stories on international news and papers. Today it have come home. Indeed coming as it did with the coming of COVID-19.

On social media today are headings that leaves me dump-founded. I will cut and paste stories as they are and as they appear on various social media platforms. I will pick just a sample of provinces.

Midlands: My first encounter was with the ‘guillotine’ under the #Mashurugwi thanks, mining sector was opened and it slowly phased out.

Matabeleland South: An elderly couple (83) and (76) in Plumtree lost their lives when unknown accused persons petrol bombed their homestead, demanding some money.

The couple, who were burnt to death in the inferno had earlier on sold seven herd of cattle and it is suspected that the assailants had information to this effect. Police are investigating the matter.

Mashonaland Central: A security guard at a mine in Guruve has been arrested for the murder of a 17 year old juvenile whom he shot with a rifle

A 17 year old had earlier on been chased away from the mine which was being guarded by the accused person and his workmates after being made to roll in ashes. He had then returned to the mine with his four friends to confront the accused person over the issue.

The youths became violent and attacked the security guards with stones, prompting the accused person to open fire, shooting the 17 year old on the shoulder and killing him instantly.

Bulawayo: Seven male adults were arrested in Byo on 29/8/20 after they attacked police officers with stones. The seven were part of a group of youths who had gathered illegally to celebrate their peer’s birthday, in direct violation of COVID-19 national lockdown measures.

In another incident, the body of a male adult was also discovered in Cowdray Park, Byo on 31/8/20, with a stab wound on the left side of the chest. The body is being held at United Bulawayo Hospital pending identification.

Mashonaland West: An unidentified female adult was found lying dead in a bush in Chegutu, on 30/8/20 with two deep cuts on her head. Two blood stained stones were also found near the body.

The body has since been taken to Kadoma Hospital and members of the public missing a female relative are urged to assist in the identification of the body.

What does this mean? It means nothing other than social decadence. Nothing other than the fading out of the ‘African Smooth Face’ the only wealth an African could show to the World Super Powers as they present their Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Something needs to be done to contain the situation and end the dark cloud of terror that have engulfed the entire society.

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