Hwende rose in Mwonzora’s throat over his 21st Anniversary Speech that, MDCT is not working in cohort with ZANU PF but instead his rivals in the MDCA.

Mwonzora in his speech directed his accusations specifically to Chamisa for bading Mugabe.

“Khupe, Komichi, Mwonzora havana kumbobvira vatakura mukaka we Gushungo Dairy, ndimika babamunini (Chamisa) maitakura mukaka we Gushungo Dairy (they were never contracted to transport Gushungo Dairy milk. It is you (Chamisa) instead), said Mwonzora.

He also added that, the fact that Chamisa is a ZANU PF stooge, he have never been victimised by ZANU PF.

“For you to see that this person was bought by Zanu PF or not, check whether that person has been arrested or not” said Mwonzora.

However, the above speech by Mr Mwonzora did not go well with Mr Chalton Hwende who produced a three page Twitter thread castigating Mwonzora.

1. “I never wanted to dignify Mwonzora’s lies that Myself and @nelsonchamisa used to have a contract to transport milk for Gushungo Diaries. He repeated the same lie over the weekend. He created this lie during the 2014 Congress,” he wrote.

What threw shock to the Mwonzora sympathisers is that, Hwende is not implicated in the Mwonzora speech, but in his response, Hwende implicates himself.

According to Hwende his company was never involved in the transportation of foods but the cars.

2. “He even created and printed fake receipts showing that we had delivered milk. This was all fake even my company’s name is written as Twinsdale. I used to own a company that was called Twinsday Logistics that had Car Carriers and one cannot carry milk with such type of trucks,” said Hwende.

Hwende dismissed allegations that Mr Chamisa was a director of his company.

3. “The President @nelsonchamisa was never a director of this company and I never met Mugabe or Grace in my entire life. My Company’s operations were based mainly in Namibia and Angola. In Zimbabwe we used to deliver cars that we were clearing in Walvis Bay only.

Despite Hwende’s dismissal of the allegations, some found it porous on the grounds that he must not mix politics and business.

If the alliance between Gushungo holdings and Twinsdale was business and not political. So Hwende must not be ashamed.

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