Today the government secretary for information, Nicky Mangwana gave a punch to the tourism industry.

The tourism industry was condemned for overprizing at a time the country is trying to revive all the sectors following a Covid-19 scourge that left the tourist industry among other almost shut.

The Tourism Sector is one of the hardest hit by Covid19 and need a lot of incentives to recover. I have done my bit as an international tourist, it’s clear prices charged in this country make us uncompetitive internationally. Everyone is fighting for the same traveller,” wrote Mangwana in his Twitter.

It is felt that zimbabwe is looosing a lot of tourists especially gtom the places as Vicfalls because the tourists may opt for Zambia whose prizes are reasonable.

He added that even the local people are finding tourism lucrative in the neighbouring countries than in the local. He invited the local players to consider the two tier system than to try to sabbotage the sector.

Well, to enter national sites there is a two tier pricing model. It’s just that private players charge unreasonable prices and try to make a killing just like that,” he said.

However, this does not imply that the foreign tourists must be overcharged.

True. We have to make these services affordable to locals first then try to attaract foreigners. But either way sometimes paying these prices is just being mugged,” he wrote.

The tourist industry is charging exhorbitant prizes to both locals and foreigners. In another Lodge at Victoria Falls, forexample; a 2 bedroom lodge costs USD1120/3 nights or USD1645/5 nights. Contrary, 3 bedroom lodge costs USD1510/3 nights or USD2230/5 nights.

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