The burial of late socialite, Michelle ‘Moana’ Amuli has been stalled again after the High Court reserved its judgment on the urgent chamber application filed by her maternal family seeking cancellation of her burial order.

The matter which was set before Justice Pisirayi Kwenda was deferred to next Monday.

This follows a long-running family feud between her maternal and paternal families over the burial process.

The clashes have since spilled into the courts with Moana’s maternal family seeking an interdict to authorise and direct the registrar-general to issue a new burial order designating Zororo Memorial Park as her final resting place.

The maternal relatives sought to have a previously issued burial order in the possession of Moana’s father Ishmael Amuli, cancelled.

Speaking to Friday afternoon, the maternal relative’s lawyer, Paidamwoyo Madondo said the burial will only take place after the court judgment has been handed down.

The matter was set down before Justice Kwenda. He issued an interim order and part of the terms of that order are as follows;

The matter was deferred to the 23rd of November 2020, the first respondent (Ishmael Amuli) to file a notice of opposition by 9 am on the 23rd of November and that Mr. Amuli and Moana’s mother (Yolanda Kuvawonga) present themselves in court so the court can hear oral evidence,” Madondo said.

The late fitness bunny died over a week ago aged 26 in a fatal car accident along with flamboyant businessman and socialite, Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure, and two of his friends, Limumba Karim and Alichia Adams. Ginimbi was buried last weekend.

Moana’s funeral proceedings have been marred by squabbles and harsh exchange of words between her mother, Yolanda Kuvawonga, and father, Ishmael Amuli who are seperated.

Credit: New Zimbabwe

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