Midlands State University (MSU) has issued a notice to all returning students regarding opening dates as well as commencement of exams.

The notice advised final Level final semester students in the faculties of Science and Technology, Natural Resources Management and Agriculture, Medicine (Level 1.2 Professional examinations in Biochemistry and Communication Skills; Level 2.2 Professional examinations in Anatomy Behavioral Sciences and Physiology; Level 3 Professional examinations in five Pathology disciplines) and Faculty of Law that they will return to campus on the 21st of September.

The same students are to seat for their examinations on the 5th of October 2020.

Other faculties such as Law and Education which do not have the practical component will write examinations from the 5th to the 9th of October 2020.

Registered students in the faculties of Commerce, Arts and Engineering and Geosciences who missed the June 2020 examinations due to late registration and the Doctor of Business Leadership (DBL) Level 1.2 and 2.1 will write their examinations from the 5th to the 9th of October 2020” read the notice.

Disciplines with a practical component (Faculties of Science and Technology, Natural Resources Management and Agriculture and Education) will spend three weeks fulfilling the practical component requirements and will write examinations from the 12th to the 16th of October 2020.

The institution also notified that level 1.2 and level 2.2 students in the faculty of Medicine will spend four weeks on practicals, tutorials and revision before they write their Professional Examinations from the 19th to the 23rd of October 2020.

Faculty of Medicine third year students will spend 7 weeks for practicals, tutorials and revision and their examinations will run from the 9th to the 20th of November 2020. Faculty of Medicine final year students will write their examinations from the 15th of February 2021.

In a bid to contain the spread of COVID-19 the institution has advised that all students will be accommodated on campus and has stressed that other measures like temperature checks, sanitization as well as social distancing will be observed.

As of other non-graduating classes, the institution advised that all disciplines will be on campus from the 19th of October to the 6th of the following month.

Examinations for all disciplines without practical component have been advised that they will write examinations from the 26th to the 30th of October 2020 while those with practical compnents will seat for their examinations from the 2nd to the 6th of November 2020.

All students from Level 1.1 (except those without a practical component who will continue with virtual learning) to Level 5 excluding Work Related Learning students will come to campus for face to face teaching and practicals from the 3rd to the 18th of December 2020.

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