The late Vice President for Zimbabwe Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo’s son Sibangilizwe has defended his position to contest for Zapu’s presidency insisting that he wants to lead a reformed party dedicated to take the country forward.

63-year-old Sibangilizwe is among several candidates who have expressed interest in contesting for the coveted position of party president which fell vacant following the death of the Dumiso Dabengwa two years ago.

Zapu’s Kezi branch in Matabeleland South, where the late national hero Nkomo hails from, has reportedly endorsed Sibangilizwe’s candidature.

But Sibangilizwe’s nomination has reportedly created cracks in the former liberation movement with some members questioning his membership status.

In an interview with Tuesday, Sibangilizwe poured scorn on Zapu members who are opposed to his ascendancy to the throne.

I am one of the Zapu people chosen to contest the party presidency. Wherever I go throughout the country, people have been asking me why I am not involved in mainstream politics. The people are saying ‘Please lead the party’. That is what inspired me,” he said.

Sibangilizwe said following his nomination by the Maphisa Zapu branch, he went on to consult other people who embraced the idea.

My branch in Maphisa said I will greatly assist if I lead Zapu. I then consulted other people and they were for the same idea. That is why I want to be the next Zapu president,” he said.

Responding to allegations that he is not a card carrying member, Sibangilizwe said his “blood” has always been Zapu since he was three years old.

There are some people querying my Zapu membership status and where I am coming from. Well I was in Zapu when the party was formed in 1961 when I was three years old. I suffered a lot up to now. I never did not change. When the Unity Accord was signed in 1987, I did not join any other party. I remained Zapu. I am a Zapu performer, I sneeze Zapu and I eat Zapu,” he said.

The late iconic leader’s son said given the chance to lead Zapu, he will reform the organisation and win national elections.

I have decided to lead Zapu because I love the organisation. I love Zimbabweans. Zimbabweans love peace. Zimbabweans love to see the country being led properly.

This is the Zapu which I want to lead. We want a new Zapu which is going to take the country forward. Zapu which will participate in the general elections and win resoundingly and lead. Not what we are seeing today. That is my aspirations,” he said.

He pleaded to all Zimbabweans to give him a mandate of so as to “allow me to complete the unfinished job

Zapu is expected to hold its elective congress in August this year after a number of postponements due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Source Credit: New Zimbabwe

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