The accident of Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure was a tragedy one as the Rolls Royce which Ginimbi and three other friends were driving in burnt to ashes.

According to other eye witnesses, they claim that they were the ones who actually puled off Ginimbi out of the vehicle which was already a fireball.

Unfortunately, they failed to rescue the other three who were burnt to ashes in the vehicle.

According to ZBC News online the fire brigade has finally arrived and set off the fire and has so far recovered two of the burnt bodies out of the wreckage of the vehicle.

GINIMBI LATEST: ZBC reporter at the scene says fire brigade have now removed two of the three bodies from the burnt vehicle. The remains of one male and two females were still in the burnt shell of the vehicle after the fatal Sunday morning crash.”

Fire Brigade Set off Fire and recovered bodies trapped in Rolls Royce

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