On Wednesday, My Gokwe reported that there were five miners who were trapped underground at task mine for a week. Today we are giving you updates and new revelations on the story.

It has been reported that the five trapped miners belong to the same family and the trapped includes a father, his two sons as well as two grandchildren.

The rescuing of these five who are still believed to be alive have not made any headway due to continued slackening of the ground.

Among the trapped there is a minor only identified as Charles who is said to have embarked on such a dangerous and risky occupation to raise his school fees as opening dates for the exam classes were already published by the government.

Violet Moeketsi, MDC Alliance Senator is reported to have taken the matter to the Senate resident Mable Chinomona to question the legality status of the mine shaft.

Mr. President, in Mashonaland West, we have encountered a problem where a family got trapped in a mine; a father, his two children and two grandchildren. There are five people trapped in this mine shaft,” exclaimed Moeketsi.

Moeketsi added, “I would like to ask if this mine shaft is documented at law or it is one of those shafts being used by illegal artisanal miners.”

“As I speak, these people are still trapped in the mine. The rescue team which has been assigned to assist the trapped family are failing to do so as the mine shaft continues to fall inside the moment they reach where the trapped miners are located,” said Moeketsi.

This is a very specific question which requires intricate knowledge about the issue of the mine you are talking about; the papers, the circumstances and so on,” responded the Senate president.

Reports claim that relatives and friends of the trapped are now worried over the fate of the five as there is no yet a breakthrough on the rescuing efforts.

Rescuing efforts are being said to have scaled up by the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development as supporting structures are being erected.

Tariro Tomu, the Civil Protection Head and Chegutu District Development Coordinator confirmed that the efforts to rescue the five had intensified.

She said, “while we work on rescuing the trapped workers, people should use social media wisely as we are seeing speculative messages suggesting that the trapped workers are dead. People should let officials do their work.

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