Following some reports that some Boarding Schools Heads are busy arranging school buses transport for learners in anticipation of phase 2 opening of schools, the Teachers Unions took a radical move to declare a joint statement on incapacitation and the secret behind the motive.

The statement was signed by the members of the different unions as a sign of solidarity against, not a desire to reopen schools but corrupt tendency.

The statement was jointly signed and designated to the Members of all the undersigned Unions/Associations; ARTUZ – Chere R, PTUZ – Zunde L, TUZ – Phiri R, ZDTU – Tasaranarwo F, ZIMTA – Sibanda N. T, ZINATU – Nyawo M, ZINEU – Chinosengwa C and ZRTU – Fambai F.

It was also copied to the Parents and Learners, School Development Committees (SDCs) and the Schools Heads and Teachers all together. The statement reads:

We the undersigned teachers’ Unions note with great concern reports coming in that some unscrupulous Boarding Schools’ Heads are busy servicing school buses in anticipation of Phase 2 opening of schools. Whilst it is known that most of these Heads swindle schools monies this way, we wish to point out that it is the classroom practitioner that drives the school and that practitioner remains incapacitated. We also wish to tell parents and learners that teachers are incapacitated and have not gone back to work. They will only do so when their reasonable wishes are heard. We also kindly implore SDCs to resist the release of buses for the purposes of ferrying learners back to school as it is highly risky for no one will take care of pupils in schools.

We therefore wish to state it clearly that members of the teaching fraternity remain incapacitated.

To parents and learners we would like to advise them that it is risky to keep learners at a school environment where there are no teachers.

There is a great warning shot by the Unions against the heads. With the level of anger by the Unions and Teachers, the heads are compelled to play it wise and act accordingly. A number of heads who may find themselves on the wrong side are most likely going to face the wrath of the law.

Incapacitation was declared following the opening of schools with teachers demanding the restoration of their salary back to the 2018 USD or equivalent. However, the government seem to be wavering and currently declaring the Teachers’ cause as a Regime Change Project and a sign of unpatriotic behaviour.

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