A sensational prophet who prophesied the death of a Zimbabwe businessman and socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure has dropped another prophecy about Zimbabwe’s 2023 presidential election results.

The video posted by Zim Around on their twitter as they wrote “Prophet Joshua the man who correctly prophesied Ginimbi’s death dropped another one for 2023 presidential elections” claimed that the opposition party was wasting its time planning and strategizing for 2023.

In his vision, Prophet Joshua sees 2023 elections as a closed chapter which as ZANU PF will be undisputed winners of the polls.

His prophesies come at a time when Zimbabwean opposition is busy building its base for the 2023 elections.

The MDCA has launched a #Recruit 1 million more voters and contrary the MDCT is struggling with its EOC to establish a successor for the late Morgan Tsvangirai.

However, social media users were left divided on the authenticity of his prophesies.

Watch the video below

You also refer to Zim Around’s twitter post on https://twitter.com/ZimAround/status/1325678681902227457?s=20

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