Teachers nationwide expressed their anger against what they deemed betrayal by the leadership of the ZIMTA, My Gokwe can report.

This boilling anger followed reports that there was a secret meeting between the ZIMTA Top Officials, HE ED Mnangagwa, the two-line Members of the Finance and EconomicDevelopment, Primary and Secondary Education and the Chairperson of the Public Service Commission.

The anger reached a boiling point by the release of a statement by ZIMTA whereby they had agreed on USD360 as a lowest salary for the lowest paid teacher and a staggered salary. All along the teachers were demanding the restoration of their 2018 salary of USD520 or it’s equivalent.

Ten minutes after the release of the ZIMTA statement, five Nationwide WhatsApp Groups had been formed under the #ZimtaMustFall.

The teachers began sloganeering and chanting campaigns against ZIMTA. A TY35 form circulated mobilising members to withdraw their members.

Zimta betrayed us. Down with it. The best is to quit. We can’t continue to sponsor vatengesi (sellouts)” read one of the chats.

Go to SSB and they will help you out. Mass withdrawals will send a good message. You cannot stand on your own except if you have your own legal practioners Guys Zimta ngaife (must fall). They were given thousands of dollars when they had a meeting with ED,” reads another de-campaign chat.

It gave other unions an opportunity to jump in and started spreading their online joining firms. Members were called to join to compensate for the shift from ZIMTA and to make sure they have shifted goals.

Just join the other union ini (myself) I have joined Ptuz now and it’s automatic,” read a statement by a PTUZ sniper.

Back to our Gokwe community, an inquiry into the matter revealed three distinct opinions. There are those who believe teachers ate now loosing focas and falling prey to other criminals.

If we’re preaching the ZIMTA must fall agenda we should be wise lest we fall prey to those who want our subscriptions,” advised a teacher from Nemangwe areas.

Another, teacher from the schools in Nembudziya represented a second view of those who think all unions must fall.

Remove unions on your pay slip, notify your head of your whereabouts after every 13 days and stay at home,” he advised.

The third group of teachers is of the view that removing ZIMTA alone will send a message to other unions. They believe in unionism and that unions are key to the teachers’ cause.

Let’s teach zimta a lesson so that the same minded unions will learn from them,” he advised.

My Gokwe Media inquired from a Zimta secondary rep from a given cluster. He defended ZIMTA and argued that ZIMTA did not sellout. He clarified on the issue though he was not willing to speak arguing he is not authorised to do so.

The update shall be published through formal channels. I am not authorized. What I may give is an opinion.

My opinion is, our leadership sought audience with the executive, which they were granted. This had nothing to do with negotiating processes currently going on. The leadership wanted to clarify issues to the principal. They were successful. Mthuli and Mavima were tasked to look into our matter. We look forward to a better offer when the other round of negotiations starts sometime this week. Figures like USD360 or equivalency are now being thrown around. Which is a positive development. We are sorry for other unions who felt offended by Zimta actions,” he clarified.

However, the same member went on to clarify on the USD360.

The 360 excludes allowances and it’s a position. Then allowances, debauch people according to qualifications, experience and grade. Then, after allowances probably we would get to the 540 we want. Also note this is not a final but a position.”

This is a developing story. We will keep you updated on the further developments.

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