Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe has blasted the government for taking teachers for granted by offering them a salary which fall $2,100.00 below Total Consumption Poverty Line of $17,100.00.

This follows an unconcluded meeting which was held yesterday between the government and respective representative organisations.

Posting through its twitter handle, PTUZ_Official, the organisation said, “Total Consumption Poverty Line $17,200 in Aug. Gvt offers $15,100 for our members in Nov. Btwn Aug-Nov electricity more than doubled, same as Zinara and insurance. Only the exchange rate is static. If gvt doesn’t see anything wrong there we will make you see @nickmangwana.”

PTUZ also highlighted that its members will not be reporting for duty citing that there was not yet a common ground reached between the two parties as far as restoring teachers’ 2018 salary of US$520 is concerned.

Now that we have slept over the gvt offer, which falls far short of the basic needs of a teacher, our members can’t report for work until gvt starts treating the matter of incapacitation seriously. We want a living wage @nickmangwana @RMajongwe @takavafira1967 @ARTUZ_teachers”, wrote PTUZ on twitter.

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