Yesterday, VP Muhadi was in the Midlands Province for the purpose of Commissioning the Nyamatikiti Bridge.

Construction was done using the local resources and menpower through the DDF.

It was a massive project that saw the completion of a 112 metre bridge.

Its strength is enough to sustain and enable 30 tonne trucks to cross.

This is strategic and noble to facilitate movement of goods and services linking Chirumhanzu with Harare-Masvingo road.

It is alleged that the old-bridge was a death trap and that the new bridge is expected to bring a new lease of life especially by facilitating transportation of goods and services even during floods.

The bridge is situated just after Muwani Shopping Centre along the Chaka shopping centre towards the Harare Masvingo road.

It is also claimed that the bridge has been under construction for more than 15years.

The construction process was purportedly delayed by a three generation corruption covering three different successive legislatures.

Three different MPs who presided over the construction and loot allegations are MP Chikiyi, MP Maramba and MP Munanzvi.

Finally, MP Rwodzi have seen the project coming to completion which signals a commitment by the New Dispensation to divorce from the past and bring back economy and sanity.

Despite sanctions, allegations of corruption and sabotage, the treasury was able to raise and mobilize ZW$615 551 for the project.

Critics, are of the view that, taking the whole VP team for the commissioning purpose was even more expensive.

Some claim that though an important initiative, this bridge belongs to the old class and that the road is dilapidated and needs to be tar marked.

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