On Saturday the MDCA led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa held its 21 Aniversary Celebration

In a move that shocked mainly its critics, the MDCA adopted Independent Zimbabwe’s first national anthem; Ishe Komborera Africa.

This is contrary to the Zimbabwean constitution that regards the new anthem; Simudzai mureza wezimbabwe as a legal national anthem.

The new anthem was adopted in 1994 and the MDC was formed in 1999, which is contrary to their claims that the national anthem they adopted was as old as their party.

One of the greatest MDCA critics MMatigary wrote in his Twitter @matigary criticising them for being anti-Zimbabwe.

In 1994, a new national Anthem written by Solomon Mutswairo & composed by Fred Changundega was adopted after a national competition. To everyone’s shock Chamisa’s MDC yesterday sang “Ishe Komborera Africa” & called it their national anthem. These mamparas are anti-Zimbabwe.

Adding to the above another critic, Fungai Chiposi wrote @FungaiChiposi that, “at one time, chamisa was burying the national flag. Yesterday he introduced his own national anthem.

The incident described above happened just last month whem the MDCA was burrying Patson Dzamara who succumbed to colon cancer.

However, the MDCA is inclined to the fact that whoever oppose its idea is a ZANU PF project. As such this criticism by the MDCA oppenents will not recieve any value. Matigary himself is considered a pure ZANU PF loyalists while Chiposi is a known right-hand-man of Douglas Mwonzora, a man known to be in a project of dedtroying MDCA.

This failure by MDCA to listen to its critics have triggered a huge antagonism from the society, seemingly divieting from the MDCA and sympathising with the MDCT formation. One such, is Phoenix writting @PhoenixRise03

What do u expect from someone who believes the Zimbabwean bird is satanic he’s making a mockery of great writer&composer. My greatest 2018 mistake was voting for MDCA.

Chamisa himself seem not moved by the criticism levelled by Zanuits. In his 21st Anniversary speach he rather criticised ZANU PF for trying to destroy the ‘People’s party and President’.

This 11th September in 1999, the MDC was launched. Thank you Zimbabwe for believing and standing with us. They have tried every trick to divide and break us but they have hardened us in the 21yrs of struggle for real change & true freedom.

He highlighted on the misfortunes the MDCA have been going through.

Many have lost property, jobs and opportunities. Many have been killed. We have been abused, incarcerated and terrorized.

Despite all these misfortunes the movement will still survive and prosper and that it will not surrender.

We refuse to be compromised or swallowed. We stand firm. We are the Alliance!We’re emerging stronger & rebranded!” Hatipedzeke uye hatigoneke… Tinovapedzera maSports ..kusvika vati eke! Happy 21st anniversary maChinja! #Godisinit

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