The Gokwe Nembudziya legislator, Justice Wadyajena expressed his willingness to represent Gokwe- Kabuyuni constituency currently under Leonard Chikomba as the latter is reported to be eyeing a top post in the Senatorial level.

ZANU PF have begun their campaigns with the Dual Alliance of Mayor Wadyenena and Leonard Shoko a.k.a Chikomba ready to win both the Primary and ‘Secondary’ Parliamentary elections for the Gokwe-Kabuyuni Constituency.

From the run-up to the 2018 elections Chikomba was eyeing the Senatorial Post but realising that he could not match the rival, he turned back to the Lower House post.

Currently Chikomba is the Legislature for Gokwe- Kabuyuni while his counterpart represents Gokwe-Nembudziya.

On the 26th September they had a joint campaign at Chitekete (Kabuyuni) Business Centre where Wadyejena expressed his willingness to represent Gokwe – Kabuyuni in the Parliament.

His address was molded with ululation and whistling from a large crowd composed of the ZANU PF Youth, Women and Men Quarters. Victory might be certain for ZANU PF.

Wadyejena expressed his awareness to the problems and challenges facing the community. He told them the single problem they are facing is water.

He encouraged them to construct dams in which he was ready to intervene and provide his own earthmovers. He will provide fuel and everything required for dam construction. Boasting before the audience he said, “these are my personal property not government’s.”

However, Mr Chikomba who was also present did not come clear on whether he is retiring from politics but from the sources close to him, Chikomba might be eyeing the Senatorial Post.

All the people present were issued with ZANU PF red t-shirts and affirmed their allegiance to ED, Wadyejena and ZANU PF.

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