Today in Malawi, Limumba Karim a.k.a Cazal who died in Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce November 8 freak accident along Borrowdale road has been laid to rest.

Karim, was a controversial fugitive businessman, who was burnt beyond recognition alongside the Mozambican model Alichia Adams, and video vixen Michelle ‘Moana’ Amuli when a Rolls Royce which was being driven by ‘Ginimbi’ involved in an accident that killed the four.

He was repatriated to Mozambique yesterday after completing the DNA tests that identified him.

He received a grandiose send-off like the one accorded to Ginimbi – on the streets of Sandton in South Africa that included Italian sports cars, German Luxury SUVs, and British sedans among others.

Karim’s gruesome death rescued him from the wrath of the law for he was one of the most wanted Malawian fugitives – wanted for the 2013 US$3 billion cash-gate scandal. This was the biggest corruption scandal in the history of Malawi to date.

‌Unlike his friend Ginimbi, Karim was a polygamous father who survived by three children, one in South Africa, a newly born in Mozambique, and one in Malawi.

Meanwhile, Karim’s counterparts; Ginimbi was laid to rest sometime last week, Moana is yet to be buried as her parents continue to wrangle over burial arrangements and the Mozambican model Alichia Adams’ remains were also repatriated but to Mozambique yesterday but her family is still yet to announce her burrial.


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