It seems all is not well in the South African (SA) transport industry as the conflict between the SA based transporters find themselves in a heated conflict with the Xenophobic citizens.

It is said most of the South African origin class 2 drivers are not willing to drive the long distances arguing that they are less lucrative and full of boredom and lack of incentives and allowances.

As such most foreign class 2 drivers are preferred by the employers especially the Zimbabweans whom they argue are hard-working and can sacrifice to work for peanuts.

Thus, such special treatment and preference given to Zimbabweans by Truck owners have triggered hate, prejudice and discrimination in the transport industry leading to xenophobia. South Africans have come to believe that Zimbabweans are a source of their problems especially unemployment and low salaries.

One such victim was Mr Mnakanemba, a Gokwe born South African Truck driver. He narrated to us how he escaped torcher as some of his workmates were roasted.

The truck industry is no longer lucrative and full of trouble and corrupt tendencies. The managers can promise one a job and one have to bribe them in order to be considered. However, getting that job is not all that easy because the truck owners are afraid to lose their business or risk their truck burnt to ashes,” he said.

So the truck owners are now forced to retrench the locals to serve their trucks and business.

Most of my countrymen lost their jobs because of the fear of this danger by the employer. Most companies were forced to replace foreign drivers with the locals. Some of my friends were beaten, tortured and their trucks set on fire. So out of 20 I am one of the 3 foreigners who survived,” he added.

So the few who are able to escape have a poor English and can speak South African languages especially Isizulu which favours those who have been exposed to Isindebele.

It’s very easy for them to identify a foreigner especially the Zimbabweans. The Zimbabweans are identified by frequent use of English language, tying their Jessie on the waist when it is hot and failure to speak local languages. So once they notice this they shout Shangani (foreigner) and it’s noble for one to be wise upon noticing it,” he said.

He added that the SA government is unconcerned and their laws are reluctant.

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