My Gokwe Media urge all the people of Gokwe to come out and low down to Gokwe Centre to participate in the 2021 Budget Consultations.

The Portfolio Committee on Budget, Finance and Economic Development and Members of the Expanded Sustainable Development Goals Committee will hold Public Hearings on the 2021 National Budget Consultation from the 12th to the 16th October countrywide of which Gokwe is slotted for 14th of October at the Gokwe Business Centre at 10:30AM to 12:30AM.

This provides Gokwe an opportunity to raise issues relating mostly to:

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Health
  • Commerce
  • Tourism
  • Transport
  • Communication.

Agriculture is key in that 2021 season brings a new lease of life to the Gokwe as a new year where the government is pushing in Pfumvudza and everyone have taken it serious. It’s a break from 2020 where people were terror stricken by the cotton market.

Despite of it being the year cotton industry was paying farmers more than before, surprisingly there were no cash transactions but hardware and groceries. The Gokwe beef is slaughtered on private enterprise in Kwekwe where prize is a bit lucrative. So Gokwe community must have a say on what is allocated to agriculture.

Education is key in the 21st century so the establishment of advanced level at Zhomba, Chireya, Gukure, Chinyenyetu, Nyoka, Batanai, Mateta, Kana, Chitombo, Manyoni, Njelele, Chevecheve and Ganyungu among other places adding to the traditional Cheziya Gokwe High and Nyamuroro Kubatana High. It’s a period when a Catholic University was established at Shingai Training Centre.

So it’s an indication of educational growth punctuated by expansion in primary and secondary education and number of Graduates from tertiary education.

As such there is need to participate in this budget to restore the old smooth flow that was compromised by the COVID-19 and prevailing incapacitation by teachers.

Such a realisation makes the issues of health critical given the child and women mortality especially during birth, vaccination of children, HIV/AIDS, outbreak of infectious diseases such as cholera and typhoid, cancer, TB, BP, stroke and malnutrition among others.

Hence, allocation to the health sector must correspond to the international standard. Worse more there is crisis on the availability of equipment, ambulances, COVID-19 Isolation Centre still under construction no PPEs for health workers who are also on strike.

Commerce, Transport, Communication and Tourismis an equally worth discussion for Gokwe. Roads are dilapidated and disconnect Gokwe from socio-economic linkages.

There is poor communication due to poor network system from roads, telecommunications, submerged bridges and the various tourist attractive areas in Gokwe remain marginalised and little known.

As My Gokwe Media we call everyone to partake and help build Zimbabwe.

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