A Manami Village man (name withheld by My Gokwe) under Chief Mukoka disclosed bizarre revelations in the presence of Chief Mukoka in what he termed goblins threats.

The man accused his mother for owning goblins and decided to report him to Chief Mkoka as he alleged that his mother was accountable for the strange producing of milk by her wife for four years after she weaned her child.

The man also highlighted that his in-laws had since reposed their daughter and denied him access to his wife siting out that his family should get rid of their goblins first.

As the mother pleaded guilty she had this to say, “the goblins I am accused of owning are actually belongs to my South Africa based son not me. I am also the victim to these goblins as they have sex with me as well.”

“Two of my daughters in law passed away in a same fashion, after suffering from  throbbing headaches and  dizziness since the goblins had slept with them for a long time,” she revealed.

The current daughter in law is also said to have fled to her parents after having some mystic fights during the night as well itching breasts as she continue to produce milk four years after she weaned her child.

The man’s mother lamented, “my daughter in law has since fled to her parents as the goblins gave her sleepless nights having sex and fights with her.

She went on to reveal that her daughter in law was “producing milk for four years after weaning her child” what she labeled strange.

My sons are afraid to marry and my son is even fuming at me since his in laws are denying him permission to visit his wife and child, she admitted.

The granny’s main worry was terrorism and harassment from his son who owns the goblins as she feel he will be left poor with nothing in his name.

If goblins are excised they will possibly turn against my son and make him poor and they may kill me if they fail to root them out properly.

Chief Mkoka instructed the family to look for an expert in excising the goblins and recommended a witch hunter locally referred to as Tsikamutanda.

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