It goes without a say that since the 2018 elections the Honorable Members of Parliament elected by the people since turned their back and forgot to honor their promises.

This is not true with Honorable Karikoga of Gokwe-Mapfungautsi who, “in January embarked on a programme for the old-aged (yemachembere) cleaning their residencies and feeding them” said a source close to the Honorable Karikoga.

In each ward the councilor would identify one most vulnerable then the Honorable MP and his team will visit the identified victim to investigate for themselves.

So it happened that most vulnerable old people were discovered in January leading to the decision either to build a new structure or to carry out a cleaning programme.

A typical example is a one-room house and a toilet structure built for an old woman at Chemowa and all other Wards in the Gokwe-Mapfungautsi Constituency.

“This is good, our own Hon Karikoga has done a lot of infrastructure development since he came on board credit goes to him” said a source close to the Honorable Karigoka.

The programme is funded by the Honorable and the “Sons and Daughters of Mapfungautsi Technocrats Group who also extended support in cash or kind to this noble cause through the coordinated efforts by our MP. The same group earlier own did something for the Frontline staff at clinics in Mapfungautsi constituency. It’s our duty to develop our community” Said the Source.

However, some critics say the scheme was short handed to cover all the needy old people in the area, so the selection of a few leaving the majority is seen as creating hatred in the community and it is more likely to discredit the Honorable Karikoga in the next election.

Asked for comment, the source said, “We did not choose, they chose, the most vulnerable gogo (old-person) in that area everyone is happy.” He also added that many people attended the gathering and the function.

Honorable Karikoga is not only building the homes but he is also giving other goods to help the needy, “today he gave rice to the community those who participated” and with the help of the well-wishers who are assisting with funds

Asked on other projects the Honorable Karikoga is doing in the constituency the source close to him said, “Haa we have done a lot sir we might spend the whole night if we are to mention by name, let’s just say projects in the health, education and other sectors”.

Despite criticism, one can clearly see that if all the Honorable MPs in Gokwe do as what Honorable Karikoga is doing, the community of Gokwe will develop a lot.

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