I wish to live many years like anyone else, but at the end it’s not my age that will matter but of course my impact. At this time my interest is about how many lives I will inspire.

I’m not thinking of myself more but my country, my people and my family. If l have to live hundred years they will come to an end but a reputable legacy will stay as long the Earth lives.

Today let my live be reflection of love, peace, hope and unity. Let it be food to the hungry, comforter to mourners, hope to the hopeless, love to the neglected and freedom to the slaves.

So help me God, to lead a life of character, principles and integrity. Let my philosophy be a knowledge that will bring forth a society that all people enjoy.

I love to make a change and I know I got the potential – above all I need the support of all people, countrymen, friends and family.

It is clear that my life depends on other humans in a mutual relationship. I wish that you live many years so that I may have the pillars and support as well.

This is my birthday Wish!

Good wishes! Happy wishes! So help me God

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