A cloud of reports covered social media that Gringo have died. If it was true, this unfounded lie about the tragic death of a star comedian would have left Zimbabwe in sorrow and shame after losing three main faces in the social sphere, since Zimbabwe lost Ginimbi and Moana, in the same day. However, reports on the death of Gringo are not true.

Claims on the death of Gringo were thrown into the bin by the Medical and Dental Private Practitioners of Zimbabwe Association (MDPPZA).

They claimed that Gringo who had undergone an appendix surgery in October last year. The same Gringo fell sick again, this time. He is battling intestine obstruction, back and hearing problems.

It is true that Gringo is in a big trouble as confirmed by his wife Netsai Meki. They had struggled to raise funds to get him treated.

As his condition worsened last week, Meki claimed that they took Gringo to a hospital in Waterfalls from where they learnt from the doctors he was dehydrated and indications were that he might have an infection in his intestines.

However, the bills were too high for the family. Hence, they failed to raise fund for tests and the medication.

Thanks to the MDPPZA who intervened and decided to donate their services and medication to rescue the famed entertainer. Castigating the social media lies on the death of Gringo, the association said;

It has come to our attention that some people are spreading incorrect information that Lazarus Boora has passed. This is not true. Lazarus is alive and is still in hospital.”

Thus, it is not true that Gringo is no more. Currently, the confirmed truth is Gringo is alive and recovering well under the watch of the experts.

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