On Wednesday, members of the public attached a Victoria Ranch man who attempted to drive off with a girlfriend, humiliating his wife after he had clashed these two women.

 There was a nasty fight between the man’s wife Silence Maheya who had to surrender the baby to a bystander and Lisa Manhenhe (the alleged girlfriend).

Tariro Zivanimoyo, the husband to Maheya failed to play his cards very well on the day as his wife caught him and his girlfriend in his Toyota Fun Cargo near a secluded place in Runyararo West Shopping Centre.

Upon confronting them, Zivanimoyo responded by assaulting Maheya for disturbing him and his girlfriend, bundled her out of the car and tried to drive off with his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, the mob which had gathered to witness were not happy with Zivanimoyo’s actions and they blocked his way before attacking him and his girlfriend.

Manhenhe managed to escape the scene and Zivanimoyo was forced to go home with his wife while a friend was driving the car and before they got home, Zivanimoyo escaped out of the car and ran away. It is suspected that he went back to his girlfriend.

Zivanimoyo and his girlfriend are alleged to be in their 5th year of dating and it is believe the girlfriend operates a canteen in Mucheke bus terminus.

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