Outgoing MDC-T interim president Thokozani Khupe will continue enjoying hefty perks and allowances as leader of the opposition in the House of Assembly.

This was confirmed by information ministry secretary Nick Mangwana who said the leader of the opposition in the House of Assembly received perks similar to those enjoyed by cabinet ministers.

“As it currently stands, Leader of the opposition in Parliament has the same perks as that of a Cabinet Minister #JustSaying,” Mangwana wrote on Twitter.

When contacted for further comment, the government spokesperson responded tersely: “When l write something, l will have done my own research.”

Khupe confirmed leader of the opposition in the House of Assembly by newly elected MDC-T president Douglas Mwonzora Wednesday. Mwonzora also appointed Elias Mudzuri, a senator, as leader of the opposition in the Senate.

Both Khupe and Mudzuri were also appointed first and second vice presidents respectively by Mwonzora.

The trio including Morgen Komichi last Sunday contested each other for the presidential position in the MDC-T at the party’s chaotic extraordinary congress held at the Harare International Conference (HICC).

Mwonzora emerged victorious, but the other candidates accused him of rigging the election and they walked out of the venue midway during vote counting.

It could not be established if Mudzuri is also entitled to the perks Khupe is getting as leader of the opposition in Senate.

However, although the perks for cabinet ministers remain shrouded in secrecy, senior government officials are some of the best paid executives in Zimbabwe getting hefty allowances and other perks, including a range of top-of-the-range vehicles.

This is in a country where the majority of workers are failing to make ends meet due to the rise in prices of basic commodities including fuel and electricity.

Credit: New Zimbabwe

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