The artisan mining sector has been for the past months a breeding ground for the mammoth machete guys. This compelled the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to engage in an extensive men hunt and arrested many.

As at 07/10/20, the ZRP has made a total cumulative arrest of 52589 on Operation Chikorokoza Ngachipere/ Isitsheketsha Kasiphele and No to Machete Gangs,” wrote ZRP on their Twitter.

These Machete gangs began to move indoors robbing people of their private property.  This move left many in dreadful nights especially in Midlands and Matabeleland.

These Machete Gangs are commonly referred to as Mashurugwi. This is because the culture is purported to have sprouted from the Zimbabwean Midlands town of Shurugwi. From there it spread like bush fire to the gold panning sites country wide. There are popular sites where the culture have become nuisance to the society.

On 6/10/20 Police in Gwanda in conjunction with Environment Agency, raided gold panning sites along Umzingwane River, Sihlangani area, West Nicholson and recovered various mining equipment and liquor,” they further wrote.

The culture of the Machete Gangs is purportedly driven more by intoxicates and liquor. This have led to the police crackdown against both.

Three suspects were arrested for selling liquor without a licence,” ZRP on Twitter.

The aim of the police is to establish a civil society where there is no tolerant to crime.

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