I am quiet, everyone thinks l am stupid. So shy, so reserved, for that they think l am foolish.

I cannot stand the public, l cannot stand many eyes looking at me, l go numb, for that l am being called a coward.

I do not answer back when you speak rudely to me for arguing is what l just do not envy, for indeed l am a woman of principle and l do not speak words later to regret, yet you whisper unto yourselves,” Would anyone get more stupid than this?”.

But cursed is the day when l explode, when my emotions will rapture off me, and the lion in me revealed.

I remember vividly my school days when everyone tagged me “Mrs Holy”, not as a compliment but rather as a name of incompetency and in a corner l would sit, cry my heart out bitterly.

Inside me lies an intense desire, to stand up in confidence and be myself. To let out the greatness in me without fearing ‘eyes’ and to be heard. l drown in my lonesome nature, wishing the world would understand my  innermost desires.

Neither speaking at the top of my voice nor shouting, but connecting to my soul, and understanding the person within.

So beautiful, so shy, looking from a distance.

There is no more shame in me, just pride.

Proud of my life as an introvert.

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