ZAPU acting president, Isaac Mabuka has accused government of abusing the Covid-19 prevention measures through stifling citizen’s liberties.

In his Christmas message to the nation, Mabuka described 2020 as the worst year since Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980.

We lost most of our productive time to the pandemic as we became even more impoverished. We also found ourselves at the mercy of a repressive system that took advantage of the pandemic to further entrench itself and also violate further our most basic rights,” said Mabuka.

The Zapu leader noted that developing third world economies were most affected by the pandemic.

Developing third world economies suffered the most, chiefly because the Corona pandemic found them already battling maladministration and corruption by the governments.

Jobs were lost, poverty increased, social vulnerability expanded as our health system is near non-existent,” he said.

Mabuka also implored Zimbabweans to be generous to the less privileged during this festive season.

As we celebrate Christmas, may I wish every citizen good and merry times. May I, in the same breath, encourage us to remember the socially and economically disadvantaged among our societies.

These include child headed families, the homeless, the sick and the elderly. This is most imperative in the face of government’s failure and abdication of its duties,” said Mabuka.

He also urged motorists not drink alcohol while driving.

Credit: New Zimbabwe

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