The Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance has denied reports that it is smuggling guns into the country in preparation to violently overthrow President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime.

State Security Minister Owen Ncube on Monday claimed that MDC Alliance youths had undergone banditry training outside the country in order to topple Mnangagwa’s government.

Yesterday, MDC Alliance deputy spokesperson Clifford Hlatywayo said Ncube’s claims were meant to justify government’s planned crackdown on opposition supporters.

Those utterances are unfounded and misdirected. MDC Alliance has nothing to do with anything that brings suffering to ordinary people. Why guns, what for?” he asked rhetorically.

If there is smuggling happening, where? By who? This is desperation of the highest order. Let them confront the crisis in Zimbabwe, not blame the people’s party. It shows that they are clueless and they don’t have anything to offer to the people,” he said.

Hlatywayo added: “People must not waste their time to listen to that madness. The people of Zimbabwe know that we are the archbishops of peace at our party. MDC Alliance and its members are in fact victims of State-engineered and sponsored violence. Owen Ncube is popularly known as Mudha in the Midlands areas where he is allegedly a leader of Alshabab and MaShurugwi terror groups that terrorise the people. We have nothing to do with guns but we have all to do with the ballot,” he said.

On Saturday, Chamisa launched a preemptive attack on Ncube when he said he was aware of government’s planned crackdown on his party leadership.

Credit: NewsDay

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