For all the troubles bedeviling the MDC family at large, the MDCT Interim Secretary General, Douglas Mwonzora points his shyless finger ZANU PF’s G40 element in the MDC Alliance.

Addressing the multitude of MDCT followers at the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House (Harvest House) after its siege by the MDCA youth masquerading as MDCT Youth destined to force the party to uphold the SC Judgement.

Douglas Mwonzora who have no tolerant semantics to these youth who purportedly held 12 people hostage are defenseless indeed and belong to the rebellious Chamisa.

They’re not in a position to make demands. They’re in a weak position legally and physically… They are Chamisa’s people. It’s a question of time, we will take our building.

Instead of accusing the MDCA, Mwonzora seem to be upset more by the G40, whom he accuse of intoxicating and instigating these youth.

Were organised and funded by G40 to take our building. They have taken it unlawfully and using violence. We will take back our building.

However, the MDC Youth led by Gorekore who by the SC ruling is the MDC Youth Chairperson denied these allegations. The youth at the harvest house are a mix of pro-Khupe (including Gorekore) and pro-Chamisa (eg Bvondo) factions.

These youth acknowledges that their President is Madam Khupe and their SG is Mwonzora. They blame all the problems in the party and blame the leaders for using the youth for long.

They also claimed that they have long been reaching out to a number of moderate leaders in the MDCA asking them to do the right thing.

Contrary, MDCA have disassociated itself from this crisis and claim these are just MDCT power struggles.

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