My Gokwe learns that recalled MDCA legislators are required to surrender their diplomatic passports through the discovery of a letter addressed to the MDCA Secretary General, Chalton Hwende from the Clerk of Parliament, Kennedy M Chokuda.

The passports were valid for the term of tenure for each legislature for the diplomatic purpose.

As you may be aware, His Excellence President Emmerson Mnangagwa gracefully extended the facility for all members of Parliament to hold Diplomatic Passports in September 2019. You may recall conditions for use of the document were linked to the tenure of the current Parliament inclusive of you being a serving member of Parliament of Zimbabwe,” reads the letter.

However, Hwende was among the first Legislatures to be recalled by the MDCT on the grounds of failure to tore the party line and respect the Supreme Court Judgement that declared Thokozani Khupe as a legal interim MDCT President and Nelson Chamisa as illegal.

Most of members who failed to recognise the Supreme Court judgement were recalled from parliament including. These recalls did not spare the Mayors and Councillors.

As such all the recalled MPs are called to submit the Diplomatic Passports.

Following your recall from Parliament in accordance with Section 129 (1) (k), of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, you are, therefore, kindly requested to submit the Diplomatic  Passport to the Registrar-General’s Office and retrieve your ordinary passport in accordance attendant conditions attached during the issuance of the document,” reads the letter.

Members were instructed to comply and seek assistance from Acting Principal Director-External Relations, Ms Rodo, N E Doka, through her mobile number which was provided.

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