The assumption of duty by Thokozani Khupe as a Legislature on the Zimbabwean Parliament following the recall if the MDCA have caused a lot of controversy and open hostility.

Twitter have become a field of attack for Khupe especially from his Former Vice President Obert Gutu and former ally and hitherto rival, Linda Masarira.

Obert Gutu wrote in his Twitter Handle, “Electoral democracy is all about allowing voters to decide who their Parliamentary representatives should be. Once voters are convinced that Parliamentary representatives will not necessarily be determined by their votes, the whole electoral system is bastardized”

On the other hand, Labour, Economists and African Democrats (LEAD) party founder, Linda Masarira challenged   Thokozani Khupe to stick to one position.

“It is quite disturbing to hear that you have put your name in the ring for Bulawayo PR (Proportional Representative) MP. PR /Senate vacant posts can only be replaced by those who contested in the previous elections as PR candidates after successfully going through nomination court processes representing the constituencies or provinces”  she wrote.

Masarira called Khupe to stick to the position she contested in 2018.

You sailed through the 2018 nomination court as a Presidential Candidate not a PR MP candidate. I have always known you as a principled person and this move is below the belt.

Masarira felt Khupe’s interest to the Houses of Assembly as a sign of indiscipline and fraud.

To lower down your ambition, simply because there is a vacant PR seat is a sign of lack of discipline & principles. This move can easily be spelt as fraud. WHY? Because the PR candidates from both the MDC- T then and MDC-A lists are still existing and valid.

Masarira sees Khupe as illegally placed in the House of Assembly.

Why would a presidential candidate grab such a position? You can’t be everything. Slow down, take a deep breath & restrategise. Don’t let power cloud your judgement,” said Masarira.

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