Watford, which ended its 2019/20 Premier league season with only 8 wins, making 34 points which saw them being relegated to EFL Championship, had a promising start in their new league, EFL Championship.

Watford, who are in their pursuit to bounce back to the England professional league, were 1 nil victorious in their 2020/21 EFL Championship opening match of the season against Middlesbrough this evening.

Watford took command of the match, opening the scoring sheet of the season in the 11th minute through their defender Cathcart.

Middlesbrough, though tried to threaten several times through their striker Assombalonga, could not overcome Watford who had a 51% ball possession.

Middlesbrough managed 15 shots, of which four of them were on target but none could hit the net in the 90 minutes of play.

This maybe a wakeup call for Warnock who needs to improve his team’s conversion which was triumphed by Watford’s 2 shorts on target.

The rest of Matchday 1 of 46 in the EFL Championship will be played tomorrow, 2 of them at 1330 Hours while the other 9 will kick off at 1600 hours.

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