The manipulation and undermining of women is assumed to be nowhere around the world while it is still happening.

This manipulation as bad as evil, it irritates and hurts the soul but at some point she is forced to accept it just because she do not have the voice. Death threats and other physical violence are faced.

Just because her tears are not seen, it doesn’t mean she is not crying.

She don’t have anyone to see her tears or speak up for her, someone to hold her hand out of the hell she is living in.

Her cry is not even heard just because she can’t hear it but she is crying. How can it be life when she is all alone, she lives in fear of being a woman, she hide her tears and consider it as life?

She is being undermined and belittled in her day to day life, it is not happening anywhere far away from us but just in our eyes.

What deceive us is that “it is not happening to me so it doesn’t exist”. But someone out there is crying, she is wishing for her death, she can’t even understand why she is still alive due to how her life has been through the abuse and gender imbalances.

Someone is taking an abusive life as a normal thing to hold on as a final destination whilst there is another life but all we need is to fight for her peace.

How can they be men when they manipulate, disrespect, discriminate and abuse women?

How can they be women when they can’t help her, when they can’t get her out of the hell she is living in?

Her opinions are very valuable but they are undervalued. Her presence is buried and not allowed to be known.

She can’t be who she is, she can’t be better than that because she is a woman?

Women deserve to be respected, they deserve to be recognized and valued. Her tears can be hidden but she is in a painful life.

Her cry is not loud enough but it doesn’t mean she is not crying. It is not happening to you but someone out there need your help.

An abusive life is not a life both for the abuser and the victim. It is not something we can consider as normal life and it has to stop right now!

Women, your presence need to be known. Cry louder so that someone will notice, fight for your peace.

Now is not the time to live in hell. You deserve the best. Money can’t buy happiness when you don’t have peace and if it means losing yourself for your peace, for your presence to be known then go for it.

For the men, no matter how smart you are you are nothing when you can’t respect a woman. You are nothing when you undervalue her, disrespect her and disrespect her.

Honour her, she deserve that. Abusing her doesn’t solve anything rather it also disturbs your soul.

Say no to women abuse!

Say no to women manipulation!


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