Cotton Companies who failed to lucratively pay back Gokwe farmers for their white gold last season are contemplating to pay University and school fees s party of payment to parents following their (cotton companies) introduction of the groceries and hardware schemes as a means of payment to the farmers.

Most farmers complained that since schools and universities were about to open, they had nothing to pay school fees since they cannot use groceries and hardware materials to pay for tuition fees.

One of Cotton Company of Zimbabwe’s (COTTCO) famer’s group chairman, who could not identify his name said they submitted the grievance to COTTCO and said the company was deliberating the issue which seemed they welcomed with warm hands.

COTTCO said it was about to finalize the issue and will soon require parents to bring the school account number so that fees will be deposited direct in the respective account.

This rumors were welcomed differently by farmers who seem to require that amount to be paid to them direct and they will see what they can do with their money on their own.

As it stands banks and schools are closed. Where can I get the school account? Why they cannot deposit straight into my account so that I can see what I can do with my money I worked for?” Questioned a father who identified himself as Ngwenya from Chirisa.

Some farmers said they don’t know that schools have accounts from which they deposit money.

What I know since my origin is that we pay direct to the clerk or the head. Now they start telling us about the banks. When did that system begin I sent my children to university. Now it’s a turn for my grandchildren they start telling us folktales,” charged an angry old-woman Mbuya MaDube.

Currently schools are about to open. What surprises most parents is that they are not sure which classes are going back to school and where to get the stationary.

I have a child in grade 1, 3, and 6. I also have two in secondary form 1 and 4. Where will I get all those masks, books and pens? Will I sell the groceries and to who since everyone has enough?” Questioned a man who refused with his identity.

Some are worried on the grounds of budget saying schools have not yet notified them on the outstanding fees.

I’m not sure what I owe to the school for the First and Second Term. I also have to pay for the Third Term because we are paid once a year as cotton farmers. So I have to budget wise,” claimed Ncube who said comes from Rusiye.

However, some welcomed the move saying it’s good because they were also going to experience exorbitant charges by banks and EcoCash.

“It’s really good because we have been helped to escape EcoCash and bank charges. Thanks to the initiative,” said a farmer who identified as Mkwananzi.

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