Reports emerging from suggests that there are six armed police officers from the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Sanyati who were arrested for assaulting, unlawfully entering and stealing at gold dealer’s premises.

The six officers are alleged to have been travelling on an unregistered Isuzu on the 10th of September and they were armed with rifles.

The officers reported to have firstly assaulted Luckmore Kateskera who is a driver for Simbarashe Chimwanza, a gold dealer of Nhengu village, Godzi in Kenzamba.

The cops allegedly hit Katsekera with the but of a riffle on the head, entered into a shop and stole ZWL 200.00 before speeding to Chimwanza’s homestead where people fled upon seeing their vehicle.

They broke in the house and stole short guns and USD 30,000.00

The matter is being investigated at Kenzamba police station under RRB number 4407564

Credit: Bulawayo24

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