The ZimPF, through its secretary-general Marakia Bomani delivered an ultimatum to the MDC-T demanding a share of $1 million.

“We believe that ZimPF is entitled to a share of the $7, 5 million of political funding paid to MDC Alliance under the Political Parties Finance Act 2001(3),” he wrote, in a letter they served to the Supreme Court Judgment reinstated MDC secretary Douglas Mwonzora and copied to Morgen Komichi, the party’s national chairman and Colin Gwiyo, the head of the secretariat.

ZimPF was part of the seven political parties that contested the July 2018 election under the mobilisation #MDC Alliance. Hence, they claim a political right to have a share allocated to them.

“It is ZimPF opinion that MDC Alliance was an electoral alliance of seven political parties namely Transform Zimbabwe, MCD, Zanu Ndonga, MDC Welshman, MDC-T and ZimPF that presented a single presidential candidate and a single candidate in each local government, senate, and constituency election, but had no control over the successful candidates,” reads the letter written by Bomani

On that account they therefore argued that,

We are at least entitled to $1million. We are proposing that you make us an offer that is reasonable and just.

The votes gannered by the MDCA are purpoted to be divisible among the seven parties that united support and candidates; presidential, senate, legislatures and councillors. Thus, they wrote “Our supporters and members contributed towards the total number of votes each MDC Alliance councillor, MP, senator and president received.”

As such they successfully came out with a rough figure of their estimated contribution in the 2018 election.

“As a result of our immense contribution to the Alliance candidates campaigning in local government, House of Assembly, Senate and presidential seat, and we managed to garner a respectable 2, 151, 927 votes which constitute 44, 39% of the vote.”

ZimPF was a signatory of the 5 August 2017 Composite Political Cooperation Agreement that allocated them 30 parliamentary seats which they all lost in the July 2018 polls.

Despite all that, they delivered a harsh fortnight ultimatum to the MDC-T.

Please reply within 14 days to avoid legal proceedings.

All this happens despite the fact that ZimPF officially withdrew from the MDC Alliance on 26 May 2019 over what they termed “irreconcilable differences.”

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