There has been a great controversy surrounding the death of the MDCA Karoi Urban Ward 4 Councilor, Lavender Chiwaya.

New evidence unearthing suggest that Mr Chiwaya’s body was found around his girlfriend’s home.

Nick Mangwana posted in his Twitter handle, “Mystery surrounding MDC Alliance Karoi Urban Ward 4 Councilor, Lavender Chiwaya’s death has deepened, amid indications that his body was discovered outside his alleged girlfriend’s house.”

Chiwaya’s body was discovered last Friday with some froth on the mouth, soiled boxer shorts and a T-shirt pulled halfway up. He also had a half-eaten roasted maize cob in one hand and a bottle of illicit brew in another, though there were no visible injuries on his body.

There have been a blame game with MDCA sources blaming the ruling party and its secret agents for the abduction and murder in a bid to neutralize the MDCA formation.

Previously, there was a contest with the family members who wanted to bury their relatives to cut the costs associated with delayed burial. However, the police on their side argued that proper procedures must be followed, hence, no burial before postmortem in Harare. This means that burial was delayed and people gather for a long time incurring some expenses especially feeding the delegates and mourners. 

The post mortem results are expected today and his burial will be done on Wednesday.

Police investigations are still underway.

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