A bizare incident happened in Beitbriedge today in which the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) got involved into a bullet exchange with a highly wanted criminal robber.

This was confirmed by the ZRP through their Twitter page.

It seems the shooting lasted two solid days. The suspect had to play hide and seek within the innocent people whom he held hostage until they were rescued by the police.

The ZRP confirms that a highly wanted robbery suspect was involved in a shootout with police officers in Beitbridge from 14/10/20 till 15/10/20 when a special team from Support Unit had to be called in after the suspect held 10 people hostage while fending off arrest at a certain house.

The reinforced police team managed to rescue the 10 people but the suspect hid in a room while firing shots. The team had to climb some buildings and then overpowered the suspect who unfortunately was found dead when officers finally entered the room.

The suspect was wanted for armed robbery and murder cases. More information to be released soon. The ZRP applauds the public, particularly Beitbridge community for their cooperation during the incident. #notorobberyandmurder.

Cases of robbery and theft have been on the rise since the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown and the trend have been trickling down to the rural from the towns, cities and boarders. We thank the police for the work done.

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