While the government of Zimbabwe is fighting hard to contain the killer virus there seem to be confusion, incompetence or sabotage agents at play.

People coming from South Africa for example are housed at Rainbow hotel where women and children sleep in one open room. On the 27th of August there were more than 300 women, (some with children) sharing 2 flooded toilets. The number is not exaggerated, not even one bit, this can be verified by records at this location.

Forget COVID-19 because surely having such a big number of people sharing 2 working toilets is a health hazard on its own. As if that was not enough there came a mixer of men and women from South African prisons etc and they were brought at the same location where they were allowed to roam freely despite some of these people’s dangerous history.  Of course we can’t judge people by their past, but then the same day the trucks full of prisoners and those arrested for not having permits arrived, women sleeping in this open space had 3 of their phones missing. Not accusing anyone here, maybe it was just coincidence.

What seems not to be adding up is that there were 2 ladies who were living together in South Africa for the last 5 months. They literally shared everything, they would drink from the same cup and sleep on the same bed. But when it was time to be tested one of the ladies was declared positive while the other was negative. Although this is not an isolated case, the way the tests were conducted and results given is not very convincing.

Again as I said earlier this has nothing to do with government intervention strategies at all as the quarantine system used at RG Mugabe international airport is of high standard. So why should it be different for those coming from across the Limpopo. It should not be like that at all, citizens should receive same treatment regardless of where they are.

People at the Rainbow hotel could be seen shoving and pushing while waiting to be served food. There; already there is no social distancing. Even after people got their results, people were still mixing those negative and positive.

A few people’s results went missing. How does results go missing in the hands of professionals? Not sure if what is at play here but whatever it is it’s not working in line with the government’s aim and objectives. Losing people’s results or not enforcing social distancing at Quarantine centers is detrimental to the government’s efforts to get this over which as it is affecting economic growth.

People who were declared negative were ferried to their respective provincial quarantine centers were they were meant to spend another 8 or more days before they are allowed to go home, which is justified. But then, those at Dadaya in the Midlands have had people who are suspected to have tested positive for COVID-19 coming to stay amongst those who are negative. There is no security, no social distancing. So where are we going with this. We are just going in circles. One then wonders if this is the 3rd hand at play here. Looks like there are people working hard to undermine the Ministry of Health’s efforts to reduce numbers of infection.

Playing politics with people’s lives is the most evil thing anyone can ever do. We all know that world leaders have been condemned for how they handled COVID-19 cases in their respective countries. So because in Zimbabwe the Lord has been on our side and had not heard as many cases as our neighbours in the region, there seem to be players working to see the President and the Ministry of Health’s names soiled because so far COVID-19 cases in Zimbabwe were manageable. But from what is happening on the ground that could change quicker than one can blink.

Back at Dadaya women are scared to sleep at night as the rooms they are sleeping have no locks and they are having some men knocking and kicking on their doors at night.

In times like this we ought to work as one and not try to score cheap political goals. After all COVID-19 does not discriminate, so those working against the government beware as you are just at risk of contamination as returning residents.

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