Gokwe, a town which claims to own some great musicians and song writers continue to witness a number of many upcoming professional musicians. Since the likes of Edwin Hama lifted the Gokwe flag high in the art industry, a lot of musicians have come and kept the flag still high. The award winning ‘Ebenezer- Tiri Munyasha’ hit maker Reverand Togarepi Chivaviro is currently one of the most talked about Gokwe artist the music industry. Adding to that, a lot of upcoming artists have been witnessed in the town.

My Gokwe Media through its Finding & Celebrating Gokwe Heroes & Legends Initiative is pleased to share an inspirational and emotional music journey of an upcoming gospel singer, Prosper Musindo who started his life journey as a herd boy.

MG: Can you tell us who Prosper Musindo is?

Prosper Musindo is a young man who was born on the 28th of July 1988 in Gokwe and grew up there, under Chief Njelele, Mashove Village. I did my primary level at Mapfumo Primary School and went to Gwehava Secondary School as well.

I came from a very poor family to the extent that I actually grew up herding someone’s cattle and goats. Then in 2006 I decided to go to Kwekwe and started to work in Construction Company as a builder but unfortunately it didn’t work.

Seven years later in 2013 I decided to go to Botswana where I spent four years before leaving for South Africa in 2017 where I have been staying up to date.

MG: How is your family like?

I am married to Sikhathele Phiri who also come from Gokwe Machakata and we are blessed with two kids, one born in 2009 and the other born in 2020. My parents are both alive and I have two young sisters and three young brothers.

MG: How did you join music industry or what motivated you?

I ventured seriously into music in 2014 when I had my first feel of the studio. I was motivated by the music of Mathias Mhere and ‘Baba’ Manyeruke which I used to listen to. In an unfortunate part, when I lost my second born in a sudden death, I was in a very deep pain which I felt I should communicate to people through music as a healing tool. All this motivated me to venture into music, despite the fact that I grew up liking gospel music.

In 2019 I meet a guy called Edwin Chipanera, he motivated me more to be in the music industry because he ended up offering me free funds for the recoding of my first album ‘Hupenyu’ which had 6 tracks.

MG: How far have you gone in this music industry?

Since I stated music, I have released two albums and four single tracks with a hope of releasing more through God’s grace. With faith, I am very optimistic about my future that it will be very bright.

My first album, Hupenyu was recorded in Limpopo Province through the help of Chipanera (like I highlighted earlier) who provided me with free funds after discovering my talent.

On the second album, ‘Batai Mazwi’, I actually did some piece jobs to raise funds for studio hire. I just thank God that I successfully recorded it.

MG: What challenges have you faced in your music career?

One of the greatest challenges I have faced in my music journey so far is lack of financial muscle. Apart from meeting a well-wisher Chipanera (thanks for his philanthropic heart) I have failed to secure a sponsor and that is hindering my success in this journey. Additionally, due to lack of funds, I am still struggling to have a proper band and I am just a one man band.

Lack of a strong marketing and promotional team is another huge setback I am currently facing. As my history is pulling back my efforts, none of my friends or relatives are believing in my career to offer me the much needed support

MG: Do you have any projects lined up for your fans?

I am currently working on a single track that is going to feature Greatman. My desire is to feature more prominent artists like Matthias Mhere, Blessing Shumba and Docus Moyo as soon as my managers come to an agreement with them. I am also promising more than ever expected since my focus isn’t to entertain only but to speak the mind of God through music.

MG: What advise are you giving to other artists?

The advice I can give to some artists is only to pray in spirit and in truth, having love and faith and working hard with sacrifices no matter what challenges they are facing. They must keep going in their journey.

MG: Your words to your fans?

My word to my fans, firstly I want to thank you for all your support, without you we can’t go anywhere. Keep supporting me in all social media. I will rise up to a standard with your support guys, thank you!

In support of our on, kindly enjoy Prosper Musindo’s Jordan video on YouTube. Click here to view the video.

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