For those who knew his track record; his appointment as the Bishop of Gokwe was the biggest blessings parishioners of Gokwe had ever prayed for.

His name is Bishop Rudolf Nyandoro. From the short time he has been in Gokwe as Bishop there were a lot of changes from physical developments across the diocese and the uplifting of priests and congregates spirits.

Before he was appointed Bishop of Gokwe, he was a priest in charge of Bondolfi mission where record still echoes in minds of people in this area. The work he did at Bondolfi was noticed and appreciated by Catholics and non-Catholics alike in this area. An example is construction of a secondary school at Bondolfi which was a huge break for children from the surrounding areas as some had to walk for 5 km plus to the nearest secondary school (Chibaya Secondary).

As Gokwe Bishop amongst other things, he made it a priority to introduce e library, thus promoting computer literacy to the people of Gokwe.

As Africans we have a system of giving praise to people occupying higher offices. This could be because of fear or seeking favours, but as for Bishop Nyandoro, his record speaks for him. Love him or hate him he is one man of God who executes his duties as prescribed. To say it frankly he goes beyond what’s prescribed on his job description because he sets himself high targets which he knows would be of great benefit to the local people.

I have nothing against other priests and Bishops but those who replace him will find it a big challenge to match his work, let alone surpass his standards.

For the people of Gokwe, I say to you although you have had your visionary snatched from you continue with his vision and that of the incoming Bishop.

For parishioners in Gweru, cherish this great man of God and make use of his abilities and capabilities while he is still with you because at this pace it would not be surprising to see him occupying one of the Holy offices in Rome as Galatians 6:7 says Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

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