Since 14 August 2021, when a stray jumbo was reported in Chitekete Zhomba community, the residents have never found peace.

Reports of an elephant whose movements have been described by witnesses as ’strange’ have been continuously reported to My Gokwe Media.

According to a man identified as BaCally, the elephant was sported this morning in Chigoronga area

“This elephant is acting so strange. We identified its lead morning and it took the Chigoronga Zhomba primary road, all the way from Gwerenuka bridge to Siamvula village”, he narrated.

Mrs Mupande, a Siamvula resident added that after reaching Siamvula area, the elephant took Madyambudzi route, an area where a stray jumbo of 14 August 2021 claimed a life.

Residents are even scared to go to their farms yet this is the time when weeding and paste control are at the pick.

Speaking to My Gokwe Media, residents pleaded for Zimparks to come to their rescue and ensure that their safety is restored.

“We are humbly pleading for help from Zimparks and other parties who can help to come to our rescue”, said Chuma.

He added, ”we cant afford to miss to go to our farms at this time of the year because we risk to lose in yield due to pastes and weed.

The elephant is reported to have last seen by a Secondary teacher, who was forced to turn back home on his way to Madyambudzi farm.

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